October, 2022

Taxi orders in Yandex Maps

August, 2021

Yandex Maps and Navigator for  CarPlay and Android Auto

May, 2019

Yandex Maps for  Watch

September, 2020

My places. How we redesigned My places and created shared lists

March, 2018

How we create tools at the Yandex Maps. Cartograph

March, 2021

Yandex Maps Traffic Widget


March, 2020

How I created a Figma plugin that automatically generates dark themes

November, 2019

How we use Figma’s API to deliver design to the production


July, 2021

Design handoff. All stages and processes

June, 2021

Dive into design systems. How does our product design team work with it

September, 2017

Presentations of the concept Yandex Music TV App

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